In 2013, we're start making Dappers first product from the small kitchen, back in time we're making oilbased hairdressing pomade. Dappers growth to make several mens grooming product. In that period, Dappers become one of pionner independent mens grooming brand in Indonesia.


In 2014, Dappers regularly distributing product to Local Barbershop, Concept Store to South East Asia market especially Malaysia & Singapore. We also developing another products such natural body soap, shampoo, beard oil.


Almost in decade, in 2022 we're evolving to more simplicity approach, bolder visuals, and aimed at being inclusive. Nevertheless, new identity is built on brand heritage and trust, but absorbs new and dynamic energy.

Art Of Smelling Good

We believe in scents ability to make's a better life. Great scent could uplift your mind and soul. Great scent could gives you energy Great scent could gives you hope & Great scent could reminds you about memories.

Ethically Sourced

House Of Dappers is Slow Made & Small Batches Perfumery, carefully sourced materials around the world. Our oils are vegan & cruelty free, Our bottles are made from 90% recycled glass. Because the key of our creation is we're creating beauty without compromising of sustainability.


Explore House Of Dappers Perfume & Merchandise Online.


We have 4 different signature scent. Each fragrance has a story, they’ll pick only right people to wear them. Are you the chosen one ?

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Dive into House Of Dappers with our discovery collections. Explore unique scents with perfume sets. Open the door to reveal your personality with the perfumed notes of these fragrance sets for you.

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House of Dappers is consistent in collaborating with various fields and. community to create merchandise. Our manifesto "working together, growing together."

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