No.0 Discovery Set
  No 0 Discovery Set House Of Dappers Eau de Parfum discovery set features 4 x 5 ml vials of iconic scents: Sartorial Absolu, Fizzy Water, Silver Charm and Nomadland.   Sustainability Sourced Materials 100% Handmade In the perfume making, we are...
Rp 135.000,00
No.1 Sartorial Absolu
No 1 Sartorial Absolu A definitive modern gentlemen's cologne.A quintessential perfume in every men's wardrobe.A versatile fragrance. Fresh, Clean, Pleasant without being offensive.Sartorial Absolu could be your perfect signature scent. SUSTAINABILITY SOURCED MATERIALS Handcrafted Sartorial Absolu is a perfect blend...
Rp 235.000,00
No.2 Fizzy Water
  No 2 Fizzy Water Inspired from Sparkling Pineapple Cocktails on the Tropical bar.Fresh, loud & playful. Sustainability Sourced Materials Handcrafted Fizzy water is a perfectly blended of Pineapple, Lemon, Agave Nectar, Juniper Berries, Birch, Vetiver, crafted with, Musk, Patchouli and Cedar...
Rp 235.000,00
No.3 Silver Charm
No 3 Silver Charm Silver Charm is inspired by the beauty of Metals. An element that has caught human interest from the past until today.Metal has been fundamental to the way humans have lived, transformed into many forms and disciple,...
Rp 235.000,00
No.4 Nomadland
  No 4 Nomadland It's all about exploration, journey about finding your inner peace. Learning new things, new people, new place. Nomadland is the place to unwind, the peaceful destination.  Sustainability Sourced Material Handcrafted Nomadland smoothly blended with Orange, Bergamot, Peony, Gardenia...
Rp 265.000,00
No.5 Sigaret Kretek
No 5 Sigaret Kretek Clove cigarettes were invented in the 19th century. Called kretek because at that time tobacco was mixed with cloves, when smoked the cigarette, it burned the tobacco and cloves and made a "kretek" sound.  Sustainability Sourced...
Rp 72.500,00
No.6 Teh Melati
  No 6 Teh Melati From the royal ceremonies, banquets of the nobles until now enjoyed by everyone. Teh Melati is not only bring back tradition of "ngeteh". Teh Melati unfold traditional heritage of Nusantara Sustainability Sourced Material Handcrafted Teh...
Rp 235.000,00
No.7 Morning Dew
  No 7 Morning Dew As the first light of dawn gently filtered through the trees, I took a peaceful stroll through the dewy meadow. The blades of grass were adorned with diamond-like dew drops, sparkling in the soft sunlight....
Rp 235.000,00
No.8 Stone Rose
  No 8 Stone Rose Stone Rose is a fragrance that mystifies and captivates the senses. Stone Rose crafted for those who live life with passion and vigor.Within Stone Rose lies a captivating beauty and tranquility, enshrouded in a veil...
Rp 235.000,00
The Sculptor Haistyling Clay
The Sculptor texturizes and molds hair into place to deliver a strong and pliable hold. Our styling product contains all natural ingredients, Our clay formulation will add volume, absorb excessive oil and add texture with zero weight. The Sculptor has High hold power, Ultimate pliability for...
Rp 150.000,00
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